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ARTBA Town Gown Presentation


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Center Director Jonathan Gifford participated as a speaker on the evaluation of P3s at the ARTBA “Town Gown” Roundtable held on January 9. The event was organized by AIAI.

Gifford’s remarks addressed the following questions:

A number of P3s in the US have now been delivered and are now in operation.  How and who can benchmark the project delivery results?  How can we define best practices when much of the project data is within the private realm?   What is the private sector’s responsibility in shaping public opinion about a specific project?  The private sector, in the case of I-95/I-495 Express and LBJ Express, is investing to understand their customers.  Specifically they are polling the public about their performance in the O&M phase?  What are their findings?  Could this approach be used during the development phase of the project to enhance public acceptance?