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APPAM Research Conference Includes Paper by Center Researcher


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November 12-14, 2015

Center Graduate Research Associate Lauren McCarthy presented a paper entitled “Social Enterprises and the Sharing Economy, The Case of Shared Use Transportation,” at the APPAM Fall Research Conference held Nov 12-14 in Miami, Florida. The Paper examines the relationship between social enterprise theory, the concept of shared value and where these theories are applied in the shared use model. Identifying three shared use businesses in the transportation sector, McCarthy presents evidence on how these businesses function, provide benefits to the community and are impacting existing public services.

APPAM’s multi-disciplinary annual research conference focuses on a wide variety of important current and emerging applied public policy research and management issues. The conference consists of panels, roundtables, workshops, symposia and poster presentations, and is designed to encourage substantive interaction among the more than 1,500 participants.

Click here to see McCarthy’s paper, as well as her conference presentation.