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Center at ICPPP Conference


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Center Director Jonathan Gifford and Graduate Research Associates Nobuhiko Daito and Lisardo Bolaños travelled to Austin, Texas May 26-29 to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Public-Private Partnerships (ICPPP), co-sponsored by the Center. The conference focused primarily on financing policies; financial viability and risk analysis of P3 Projects; design, construction, operation and management of P3 infrastructure projects; and legal issues related to P3s.

Dr. Gifford served as a coordinator on the International Scientific Committee, helping to draft the agenda for that aspect of the conference as well as selecting relevant papers for presentation. Gifford, Daito and Bolaños reviewed several papers on financing policies for P3 infrastructure projects that were submitted to the conference.

Gifford moderated a session entitled, “Overall Financing Mechanisms.” The Center also presented two papers: “Renegotation of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships: The U.S. Experience” (Bolaños) and “Understanding the Interaction of Multiple Jurisdictions for Highway Investment: Viability of Public-Private Partnership Alternatives” (Daito).