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Center Director Briefs at Dispute Resolution Board Foundation’s 20th Annual Meeting


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Dr. Gifford was invited to be a member of the DRBs in P3 Projects panel during the annual meeting held on September 22nd -23rd at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. The panel was moderated by Kurt Dettman, an attorney from Constructive Dispute Resolutions.  Panelists included Herfried Woess, DRBF Country Representative for Mexico, Ron Finlay, Chief Executive, Finlay Consulting, and Marc Frilet, DRBF Country Representative for France. Click here to see Dr. Gifford’s presentation entitled “Policy Trends in P3s: US and Canada.”

The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) signature annual event offers exceptional educational and networking opportunities with three interactive workshops and a two-day conference.  The events offer both practical experiences and lessons learned as well as an exploration of the evolution of Dispute Boards and new trends for successful application. The conference covers the unique preventive role that Dispute Boards offer. Experienced practitioners from around the world share their insight on best practices and lessons learned.