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Center Presentation at World Bank


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On February 18, Center Director Jonathan Gifford gave a presentation on P3 renegotiations in America, hosted by the World Bank Group’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Cross Cutting Solutions Area as part of the Lunch & Learn series. This format combines real-world PPP experiences with pressing questions about how these partnerships are evolving to serve people around the world. All participants can expect to come away with an enriched understanding of how PPPs can effect change and how fresh thinking on these partnerships has the potential to alter the way business is conducted across the globe. Gifford’s presentation, entitled “Renegotiation and Restructuring of Transportation PPP Projects in the US: Evidence and Analysis,” reviewed a series of transportation PPP projects in the U.S. to identify cases of renegotiation and restructuring, the reasons for change, and the results of the change processes. The presentation was followed by an in-depth discussion among the participants.