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The Fate and Impact of challenged Public-Private Partnership Projects: An Assessment of US Experience, Jonathan L. Gifford

Crisis Impact on the Transportation Infrastructure Financing: Cost of Capital for P3s and Conventional Projects, Jonathan L. Gifford, Marina Manganaris, Narea Lee, Tim Hurley

Price Discovery for State Toll Road Operators to Relieve State Maintenance Impact, Jonathan L. Gifford, Narea Lee

“Delivery Methods, Risk Sharing, Construction Standards, and O&M Standards: the Case of the TEXpress Managed Lane System in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas,” Gifford, Jonathan L, Shanjiang Zhu, Daniel Grimaldi.

“Understanding the Interaction of Multiple Jurisdictions for Highway Investment: Viability of Public-Private Partnership Alternatives.” Daito, Nobuhiko, Shanjiang Zhu, Jonathan L. Gifford.

Developing Transportation P3 Database Focusing on Project Stages, Jonathan Gifford, Lisardo Bolaños, Lauren McCarthy, and Jeong Yun Kweun

The Governance of Surface Transportation in the 21st Century:  VDOT Institutional Responses to Environmental Changes, Jonathan Gifford, Lisardo Bolaños, Jeong Yun Kweun, and Morghan Transue.

Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships in Cuba: An Overview.  Nobuhiko Daito

Data on Public-Private Partnership Projects. Nobuhiko Daito

An Empirical Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships in Delivering Transportation Projects. Shanjiang Zhu and Meredith Jackson Morgan

Are Multi-State Transportation Public-Private Partnerships Viable? An Institutional Framework Review.  Nobuhiko Daito

Does Political Contestability Affect Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships? Zhenhua Chen, Nobuhiko Daito, and Marian Moszoro

History of the Highways and Toll Facilities in the United States. Jeong Yun Kweun

Toll Price Elasticity of Travel Demand: A Meta Study of Current Evidence. Jeong Yun Kweun and Shanjiang Zhu

Impact of Regulation and Institutional Learning on the US Toll Policy. Jeong Yun Kweun

Impact of Institutions on Transport Toll Rate in the U.S. Jeong Yun Kweun

Research Note: Air Rights. Lisardo Bolaños and Nobuhiko Daito