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Center GRA Presents Toll Data on Demand Elasticity at Inaugural Infomatics Symposium


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Jeong Yun Kweun (known to colleagues as “JK”) presented a poster at the First Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics. August 13-14, 2015, Buffalo, New York; “Measuring Demand Elasticity for U.S. Toll Roads: An Aggregate Analysis of Panel Toll Data Collected from a Large Sample of U.S. Tolled Roads” with Dr. Shanjiang Zhu, Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering, Volgenau School of Engineering.

In June, JK also completed a one week program at MIT on discrete choice models.  The session was instructed by Moshe Ben-Akiva and focused on Discrete Choice Analysis Predicting Demand and Market Shares.  She was  awarded half-tuition scholarship to attend the program.