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The Center and SPGIA welcome visiting scholar Dr. Zeng Zhihong


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The Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Zeng Zhihong who has just begun a year-long visit to SPGIA to study rural governance modernization. Dr. Zeng, who goes by Merissa, is an associate professor at the School of Political Science and Public Administration and Southwest University in Chongqing, China, where she teaches administrative ethics, introduction to business management, frontier theory of public administration, and marketing. Before teaching at Southwest University, she was the editor at Reform Magazine at Chongqing Municipal Academy of Social Sciences.

During her visit to SPGIA, Dr. Zeng will be studying modernization of rural governance. After studying America’s experience with rural government modernization and reviewing previous studies on the topic she hopes to develop a model for the modernization of Chinese rural governance and also to apply what she’s learned to the process of Chinese urbanization.