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Gifford Presents in Korea at P3 International Conference


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Center Director Jonathan Gifford gave two presentations at the 2014 International Conference on Meeting Challenges through Better Governance and Management towards Sustainable PPPs. Gifford joined many other distinguished professionals from around the world at the Dec 9-10 conference in Seoul, Korea.

Gifford’s first presentation, titled “U.S. Transportation Public Private Partnerships: Governance and Institutional Arrangements,” covered the U.S. Federal system and how it impacts P3s, as well as case studies of the Chicago Infrastructure Trust and the Virginia Office of Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3). Click here to view Gifford’s presentation.

Gifford’s second presentation, titled “Renegotiations in Transportation Public-Private Partnerships: The U.S. Experience,” centered on why the U.S. presents a different context for P3s. After discussing the different types of renegotiation events (Contract Modifications, Defaults, Bankruptcies, and Buy-outs), Gifford further discussed the U.S. context (Federal system, common law and bankruptcy law) and profiled six case studies from across the United States. Click here to view Gifford’s Renegotiation presentation.